October Update – FIFA 17 News and Updates

October Update

Having fun in collecting your FIFA 17 Coins? Well, if you’re not completely aware of the FIFA 17 news, here is the chance to be so. Here’s the October Update! FIFA 17 Update This update was from October 18th from the FIFA Official Website: Addressed the following in gameplay: A situation where cancel was unresponsive after requesting a clearance. A rare situation where the penalty shootout should have ended earlier. Increased the CPU AI tendency to attack directly. An issue where players sometimes overrun the ball after a skill move. Increased the chance of error from ground crosses (triple tap). […]

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Top Premier League Player Ratings in FIFA 17

Player Ratings

FIFA 17’s release is just around the corner and we can’t wait. So, to feed the hype that we are experiencing right now, let us take a look at the new player ratings in the Premier League. This is also advantageous for us who plan to spend our FIFA 17 Coins wisely. We can spot the legends that we want to go for and save up for them! Top Players Let us start the list from the highest in the Premier League: Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Rating: 90 Known As: N/A Date of Birth: 03/10/1981 Height: 6’5” Player Work Rate (Attacking / Defensive): […]

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The Title Update 7: What You Need to Know

Update 7

The Title update 7 have been released earlier today for the PC version of FIFA 17. The update will be bringing some pretty crucial changes to Ultimate Team and FIFA 17 Coins collectors in the upcoming Weekend League. FIFA FUT Coins Changes The changes in the FIFA Ultimate Team was released together with this update. Below are the changes made by the game for FIFA 17 Coins collectors; Limited the number of times a player can win a weekday knockout tournament in FUT Champions. Added the ability to limit attribute items for FUT Champions Matches. Added new squad restriction options for FUT Champions, such as player […]

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One Step at a Time in Your FIFA 17 Development


It would make no sense at all if you play a game that is competitive in nature and you don’t want to get better. That or you don’t have the littlest semblance of getting good is total nonsense! What would make sense is that you admitting you are not good at a game and you want to be otherwise. That is the very first step, admitting that you are not good and there is work to do. In any game, for example FIFA 17, it is not rare for someone to be not good and dreams of being good. The […]

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Problems in Playing FIFA 17 – Player Share


We all have problems when it comes to FIFA 17. Sometimes we come up short in terms of FIFA 17 coins. Sometimes we cannot create a team that will satisfy us. Or sometimes it is just that winning isn’t really attainable. Every FIFA 17 player has that one big problem when it comes to playing the game. Like This I encountered a post by Celine_John in the FIFA Subreddit having a problem about the game: I’m having a very hard time finishing my chances, when i play Fifa 17. I’m also having a hard time getting into scoring oppertunites when […]

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For A Cause – FIFA 17 Charity Event


FIFA 17 is just getting a lot stronger and EA has no plans on stopping the hype. FIFA 17 coins just get more valuable as well as the competition in the world’s greatest football video game’s popularity rises. FIFA 17 is not all about the competitive and fun aspect of the game. EA Sports also wants to participate in worldly cause with the help of FIFA 17 and Apple. Let’s take a look at the charity event! Charity Here is the latest news about the new project of EA, FIFA 17 and Apple. This was taken from the official EA […]

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Title Update in FIFA 17 – FIFA 17 News and Updates

Title Update

Today is a good day for FIFA 17 Coins players, the good news along with new and updated player faces, issues with Pro Clubs, such as reviving “excessive skill points,” have been addressed and general stability fixes have been applied to the base game with the patch. Get the dose of these updates to your game which will help you more on playing FIFA 17. Remember that this update is made for PC gamers and console players as well. Game Notes and Changes Here are the notes made for the game as guidelines on the changes made; On the visual […]

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It is Not Always An Easy Win in FIFA 17


In FIFA 17 now, buying FIFA 17 coins to create a formidable team is not a sure win. You still have to take into account your formation, strategies, team chemistry and many more. So no, FIFA 17 is not a pay to play game. Yes it is advantageous to have many coins in the game but it won’t be an assurance. So, be smart in spending real money and of course, your FIFA 17 Coins. Perfect Example About Not an Easy Win Just like this guy, Jones_oV. He posted in FIFA sub-reddit that he finds it odd having a great […]

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Early Problems in FIFA 17? Find Out Here


FIFA 17 just came out recently and you can assume that the game has flaws. It is completely understandable since the game just came out in the market. I am pretty sure EA didn’t expect such bugs or errors and we, as FIFA fans, must keep an open mind about it. We should not let our emotions go out of control. We encounter an in-game problem, report and wait for the solution. Right? Okay, let’s toast using our FIFA 17 Coins to that. Example of the Problem Here is an example of someone encountering a bug in the game as […]

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Formation is Key in FIFA 17


Strategy is always important in playing any sports game. You got to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team and how you can limit the latter and abuse the former. In FIFA 17, in order to take advantage on your team’s strengths, you got to know what formation to use. Well, there is no perfect formation. Every formation has advantage and otherwise. The most important thing is that you are most comfortable in using your preferred formation and everything will fall into place. If you are in that situation already, yeah, FIFA 17 Coins will be a breeze to […]

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