FIFA 15 Game Fans: New Added Features to Feel the Game

EA Games announces the latest release of the FIFA Game. FIFA 15 game is now on pre-order and can be yours by visiting your retailer. One added feature is already revealed on the web. Visual effects or graphic changes are the things you can expect in FIFA 15. This feature will definitely waited by the solid fans of FIFA series. Visual Changes in the Characters in FIFA 15 Game The character models are now more authentic, as the developers changes the lighting effects on the character. Hair movement is now visible as the character moves and the breathing movement can […]

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Great Expectation Changes in FIFA 15 Game

After the news about FIFA 15 was released few weeks ago, let’s recap the things we can say and see about FIFA 14. There’s a lot changes in the game but first let’s compare the visual changes. FIFA 15 Game Graphic Interface Before FIFA 15 game is near on its release month, but before the Visual Changes we’re revealed. There are a lot of improvements about the graphics of the game. Before the movements of the characters in the game is not that detailed. The hair of the characters with longer hair is not moving even if the character is […]

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Watch the Football Drama in FIFA 15 Trailer

FIFA 15 Trailer is out in the web. Football fanatics waited for this sequel of the game. FIFA 15 game developers already revealed the visual changes in the upcoming game FIFA 15. “FEEL THE GAME” the used tagline of the game. What does this tag line really means? Let’s know the story behind the trailer. FIFA 15 Trailer: Greatest Drama in the World Football is the greatest drama in the world. You can feel the emotions on the player every time they score a goal but the crowd’s emotion is very different. You can feel their pure devotion on the team […]

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