Early Problems in FIFA 17? Find Out Here


FIFA 17 just came out recently and you can assume that the game has flaws. It is completely understandable since the game just came out in the market. I am pretty sure EA didn’t expect such bugs or errors and we, as FIFA fans, must keep an open mind about it. We should not let our emotions go out of control. We encounter an in-game problem, report and wait for the solution. Right? Okay, let’s toast using our FIFA 17 Coins to that.

Example of the Problem

Here is an example of someone encountering a bug in the game as it was released. Read carefully and you will notice that he didn’t let his emotions run everywhere. This is a post by Garrison9413 in FIFA Sub Reddit:

So I was playing Fifa 17 today, which I am on the fence about my decision to buy as it is. The gameplay just has seen so robotic since about Fifa 14 to me, and I’m getting really tired of a once great game mode (ultimate team) becoming just a money grab.

Anyway, I was going for my fourth win in an offline draft on professional (I don’t play too much) and I beat AC Milan 2-0, and I was on top of the world. After the game, it said the EA servers couldn’t process my request. I have had 0 problems with my Internet today, and upon returning, I had a 3-0 loss recorded. I feel so cheated. Is there anything I can do? I’ll probably just return the game to pre-order pokemon or something, I’m pretty over FIFA, and I’ve been playing since 12. Problem

I am pretty sure he had reported his problem already. Let us be like Garrison9413. He was very calm, collected and he approached the dilemma logically. Sad to say he is quitting though. What about all the FUT Coins? Will it die with his account? This is one sad ending of a post.

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