Featured Player in the Game Cover of FIFA 15 Game Poster

In every sport video game there is always a player which is featured in the cover of the game. Maybe the players who are being featured in a sport video game is a well known or a one man team player. Let’s see who will be the featured player in the cover of the upcoming FIFA 15 game.

game poster of fifa 15 game

Lionel Messi for FIFA 15 Game

FIFA 15 Game is near to its release date. And this time the game will feature two of the best players of the World Cup. And one of the featured players in the game poster of FIFA 15 is again, none other than the Forward of Argentina, Lionel Messi. The FIFA series regularly picks Lionel Messi of Argentina National Team to be the cover of the game. Maybe by the stats of his game career, that factor satisfies EA Games to pick Lionel Messi to become the feature player of EA Games for FIFA Game series.


Clint Dempsey Joins the Honor for FIFA 15 Game Cover

In Play Station 4 and Xbox 360 game console the forward Lionel Messi is featured with the United States National Team Captain and forward Clint Dempsey. These players maybe the icons of football, that’s why they are the featured player in EA Games FIFA 15 Game. “It is an amazing opportunity in my career to be on the cover for FIFA 15, a game that has played a big role in growing the popularity of the sport in America” said Clint Dempsey. This time Clint Dempsey, who let the US National Team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, is considered one of the best American Football players in the history. He broke the records during the world cup. He became the first American to score goals in three consecutive World Cups.

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