FIFA 15 Game Fans: New Added Features to Feel the Game

EA Games announces the latest release of the FIFA Game. FIFA 15 game is now on pre-order and can be yours by visiting your retailer. One added feature is already revealed on the web. Visual effects or graphic changes are the things you can expect in FIFA 15. This feature will definitely waited by the solid fans of FIFA series.

fifa 15 game field

Visual Changes in the Characters in FIFA 15 Game

The character models are now more authentic, as the developers changes the lighting effects on the character. Hair movement is now visible as the character moves and the breathing movement can now be noticed. They also develop a lot of emotions for the players in the game. Every time your team scores a goal team emotion can be seen, crowd cheers and noises are more realistic and negative emotions for FIFA 15 game characters. The characters will now get dirty with mud and grass as the match unfolds.

Visual Changes in the Field in FIFA 15 Game

You will now feel how realistic FIFA 15 game. Live LED boards are now visible on the field. Reaction of the crowd is more realistic on every action of the controlled player like; despair, cheer and heartbreaks. Corner flags will now move if the flag is hit by the ball. If the ball fails to get inside of the net but hits the frame, the goal will rattle. If the ball gets inside the goal, the net movement will be more realistic. The field becomes withered as the game takes place, tackle marks and foot prints are now visible in the field. There is a big change on the ball movement; the ball movement is more realistic as the player pass, dribble and kick the ball. More updates will be released as the developers discuss everything about FIFA 15.

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