FIFA 15 Game and the Massive Cheer of the Crowd

The crowd in FIFA 15 game is Alive and Awake. These people in the arena are the people who create drama in the game, and these people are the one who makes the player push their limit to the game. Reaction of these people will depend on the performance of their favored team. Let’s see what are things have changed in the upcoming game FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 game crowd

Drama of the Crowd in FIFA 15 game

When we say football drama we meant agony, tension, heartbreak and happiness. You will feel these reactions in the upcoming FIFA 15 game. Score a goal and the crowd is yours. Miss a goal and the crowd will frown at you. People in the crowd are the people responsible how alive the game is. They will chant, scream, cheer and everything they want to do just to give a full support on their favored team. You will feel their devotion while you are having fun playing FIFA 15.


Players Tension and the Crowds Reaction inside FIFA 15 Game

The tension between the teams in the match can also be felt in FIFA 15 game. Players inside the game have gone mad and frustrated especially if a hard foul or a violation was called against the player. The crowd will react if a player is frustrated to other player. Negative reaction of the player’s body can be seen on the player’s action if a goal is not successful. By that mistake of the player, the crowd will also react with negative emotion. Take down a player with a right tackle and the cheer of the crowd will be given to you.

Feel the Game as you play the game. It is like you are really inside the game but your satisfaction in the game will depends on how you play it.

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