FIFA 16 Coins: People’s Prediction on Ratings

In sports games out there, their yearly release is common and reasonable. Why? Ratings of players will definitely differ in many factors such as age, last year’s performance, stats, opinions of analysts, etc. And these new ratings of players (old and new) will have to be on a new game. Of course the bug fixes, graphics upgrade, new gameplay upgrades, etc. are automatic. Like FIFA 16, it is a new version for this year and there are new ratings of players in the game. What do you think is the new rating of your favorite player? Did they go up or go down? Let us see what people predicted.

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People active in Reddit were asked by Coincadinc as to their predictions of upgrades and downgrades of ratings for FIFA 16. Here are some of the predictions den10k made:


Hazard to 89.

Aguero will likely shift to 88.

Costa and Sanchez to 86.

Bolasie 80

Kane 81

De Gea 86/87

Terry 85, Koscielny 83


RVP and Falcao to 85 and 84/83 respectively

Balotelli 80

Kompany 84

Entire Liverpool defence -1

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Someone commented on this, RedditGov said that Hazard should only be 88 despite he won POTY, the rating should only be 88 (If Aguero is predicted to be 88). He added that Terry should be 84 because of age. Age really contributes to the overall rating of players, most likely to affect stamina, strength, speed, agility and quickness. Well, EA is quite known (well not really) for punishing aging players on some of the stats. Most of the people agreed to these predictions but altered one or two of them. Like stdstd, agreeing with all but Bolasie being 80 and countering with a 78 or a 79.

One interesting prediction as well is about Messi and it’s about him being a 95 on FIFA 16. This sparked a long conversation because people disagreeing on a point. They say that Messi should only be a 94 even though he broke some big deal world records and all that stuff. And adding gas to the fire, they compared Messi to Ronaldo and started a debate. They said that Ronaldo should only be a 93 and Messi be a 95. Some agreed, well of course, some disagreed giving Messi a 94 and Ronaldo staying on a 93.

So, how did these predictions go? Were they right on point? Haven’t got a FIFA 16 yet? What are your predictions? List some and get the game to find out!

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