FIFA Player Statistics for the Upcoming FIFA 15 Game

Every season in football all players are being rated depending on their performance in each match. In the upcoming FIFA 15 Game there are statistics for each player in the league. These ratings are given by EA Sports. Let’s see the list of the top 10 most rated players in the league.

fifa 15 game stats

Statistics of the FIFA 15 Game Players

Each and every year the release of new batch of FIFA ratings are being released.  These ratings will reflect the performance of a specific player in every season. These will also indicate the finest and the most dominating player in the world. For the most part the guys over at EA sports do a great job in the rating they give on the players. Maybe, these ratings can be used in the upcoming release of the FIFA 15 game.


Top 10 Rated Players for FIFA 15 Game

Everybody will have their favourites and here are the predicted top 10 players for FIFA 15 Game.

10) Sergio Aguero – Defined by his formidable speed, agility and excellent finishing ability. He scored an incredible 28 goals in just 34 appearances. (Rate: 88)

9) Robert Lewandowski –The Polish striker widely regarded as being the finest target man on the planet.  He has scored vital 20-goals. (Rate: 88)

8) Yaya Toure – a crucial player in the Sky Blues rise to Premier League. Without doubt being the most important player in City’s closely fought league title win. (Rate: 88)

7) Gareth Bale – In his debut season at the 24-year-old has certainly not a disappointment and has proven in many people’s criticism. (Rate: 89)

6) Franck Ribéry – Ribéry was arguably the pivotal figure in using his formidable pace to carve open an opposition, with perhaps the best passing game of any active winger. (Rate: 89)

5) Arjen Robben – 11-league-goals he scored this season compared to the 5 previous years assisted Bayern in their dominant win of the Bundesliga. (Rate: 89)

4) Luiz Suárez – His ability to score a goal frequency also earned him the Premier League’s scoring title. (Rate: 90)

3) Zlatan Ibrahimović – he has scored 40-goals in his 44 appearances and generally looks untouchable (Rate: 91)

2) Lionel Messi – 46-league-goals he scored last season (Rate: 93)

1) Cristiano Ronaldo – has been the driving force behind Los Blancos’ dominant Champions League campaign, decimating Bayern Munich.


These ratings can be changed since it’s only a prediction. More updates and news are coming for FIFA 15.


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