Formation is Key in FIFA 17


Strategy is always important in playing any sports game. You got to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team and how you can limit the latter and abuse the former. In FIFA 17, in order to take advantage on your team’s strengths, you got to know what formation to use. Well, there is no perfect formation. Every formation has advantage and otherwise. The most important thing is that you are most comfortable in using your preferred formation and everything will fall into place. If you are in that situation already, yeah, FIFA 17 Coins will be a breeze to get.

Story About Formation

As I said in the intro, having a go to formation is recommended so you can have a game plan already. If adjustments are necessary, it will be easier since you know the ropes of your gameplan. It is also suggested that you learn or get used to one more plays so that if your most comfortable formation isn’t working, you can always switch to your second one. Another suggestion, it will be great if your second chosen formation fills the gap of your first formation. If it doesn’t, it will be pretty useless having a second one.

I’d like to share this post by sirdone in the FIFA Sub-Reddit. He shared his thoughts on his favorite formation in FIFA 17:

In FIFA 16 I usually stuck with the 4-3-3 and got used to it. But for some reason I didnt really like it in 17. But lately I’ve been playing with the 4-4-2 flat and its magic. I am finally enjoying my game.


That’s another thing. If you get used to a formation from the previous version of the game and you think that it isn’t working or as comfortable as it was, you might want to think on learning another scheme like sirdone did. You’ll be swimming in FUT Coins once you get your right strategy.

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