Great Expectation Changes in FIFA 15 Game

After the news about FIFA 15 was released few weeks ago, let’s recap the things we can say and see about FIFA 14. There’s a lot changes in the game but first let’s compare the visual changes.

fifa 15 game graphics

FIFA 15 Game Graphic Interface Before

FIFA 15 game is near on its release month, but before the Visual Changes we’re revealed. There are a lot of improvements about the graphics of the game. Before the movements of the characters in the game is not that detailed. The hair of the characters with longer hair is not moving even if the character is doing an action. The face details are realistic but the developers improved the character details in FIFA 15. You will also notice that the football field does not changes even the match is still ongoing. The characters’ uniform doesn’t get dirty even if they perform a tackle or they are being exposed in the rain and mud. Corner flags are not moving even if the flag got hit by the ball. The frame of the goal doesn’t move or rattle even if it is hit by the ball. Even the net is not that that detailed when got hit by the ball.

Changes of the Character Behavior in FIFA 15 Game

After FIFA 14 was played, the developers change a lot on FIFA 15 Game. They now include emotions on each character on the FIFA 15. Let’s say that a character scored a goal, he will do a positive mood. Just like in the real foot ball, you will feel that you are playing the real football match. The crowd also improves in FIFA 15. If the team they favor scored a goal they will scream out loud and you will feel that the crowd is real. The crowd also changes mood depends on the situation of the match.

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