It is Not Always An Easy Win in FIFA 17


In FIFA 17 now, buying FIFA 17 coins to create a formidable team is not a sure win. You still have to take into account your formation, strategies, team chemistry and many more. So no, FIFA 17 is not a pay to play game. Yes it is advantageous to have many coins in the game but it won’t be an assurance. So, be smart in spending real money and of course, your FIFA 17 Coins.

Perfect Example About Not an Easy Win

Just like this guy, Jones_oV. He posted in FIFA sub-reddit that he finds it odd having a great team but still experiences a hard time winning:

I was a firm believer that handicap is just a bunch of crap in previous FIFA titles.

This year though…. It’s almost evident. I buy FIFA Points here and there and I packed some good players. I went from having a 100k cheap BPL Squad where I was qualifying easily for the Weekend League and doing well beating people to a 600k BBVA/Calcio A Hybrid Squad and losing constantly and not being able to finish chances or put people away. I’m losing to cheap 50k squads from all sorts of leagues now with this new team. I can’t defend. I defend better with Cahill of Chelsea and Winston Reid of West Ham than I am right now with Barzagli and Varane. I can’t even score with Griezmann up top but I can score with Luis Muriel (76 rated) from the Calcio A.

None of this makes sense. I haven’t changed formations or tactics. I simply made a better team because of the amazing pack luck I recieved from the Weekend League and the 50k Packs released yesterday.

I am now a firm believer of handicap OR I am just expecting too much from these players….


So apparently, if you have a team in FIFA that is less superior to the opponent’s lineup, you will get a handicap bonus? That is what I understood from Jones_oV’s post. So I guess by having too many FUT Coins to be able to buy great players, you are not of in an advantage. You still need to think of other components of building a great team! It is still awesome to have many coins to buy players for more flexibility though!

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