Kick the Ball for a Goal to Victory in FIFA 15 Game

FIFA football game has a lot of fans, especially the fanatic of live football game. The recent World Cup Championship goes to Germany after they defeated Argentina. One clean kick to earn the goal to score and give Argentina the defeat. Let’s feature the man, who kicks the ball behind the net, Mario Gotze.

mario gotze for fifa 15 game

FIFA 15 Game: Mario Gotze for the Win

Mario Gotze is the man who kicks the ball behind the net and gives Germany the victory against Argentina on the previous championship game of the World Cup 2014. The German footballer who plays as an attacker in midfield for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga. In addition to his favored role as a number 10, Mario Gotze is capable of playing as either a left or right winger and also as a false 9. Because of his high speed, excellent technical and dribbling skills, and play making capabilities. The German Football Association described Mario Gotze as “one of the best talents Germany has ever had”. In FIFA 15 Game, we will see if this man will give us the Goal he did last championship game.

FIFA 15 Game: Germany’s Victory Moment

After the world cup championship match has ended. The German National Team played the game seriously and they are very eager to bring home the championship title of the World Cup 2014. Since the World cup is held at Brazil and the German’s National Team won their championship, the Brazilians give the respect to Germany. The Brazilians give their support on the Germany Team even if the German National Team defeated the Brazilian National Team in the World Cup 2014. Will the German Team will raise supreme and retain their championship on the upcoming FIFA 15 game this season? Get the latest updates and news from EA Games.

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