Kick off your Console for FIFA 15 Game

Good news for everybody! You can play your FIFA 15 game on the consoles you have. Well specified consoles of course. FIFA 15 is available to play on XBox one, Play Station 4, Play Station 3, PC, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita and Nintendo Wii. Let’s see which console is usual to use when playing FIFA.

fifa 15 game field

Play FIFA 15 game in your Game Console

When playing a game especially FIFA 15 game you need a game console to control the game. Of course how are you supposed to play the game without a game console? Since EA Games announces that FIFA 15 is available on PC, Play Station 3, Play Station 4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii it is more convenient for players to play the game because they don’t need to bother other consoles and it is an advantage to play with the console which is convenient for you to play. By that you will enjoy the whole game without having a hard time controlling the players.


FIFA 15 Game in Nintendo Wii

EA Games skipped the game console Nintendo Wii U on the availability of the game. EA Games revealed that it is releasing a version of FIFA 15 game for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS, but not including the game in Nintendo Wii U.  When FIFA 13 was released on Nintendo Wii U, the sales received a low and poor sales and causing EA to cancel plans for FIFA 14 release on the console. And it seems that this coming September 2014 EA Games is still sticking on their tactics or market plans and fans will have to be satisfied that FIFA 15 is at least coming to Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS to play and enjoy their beloved football game.

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