Kick a Goal with a Touch FIFA 15 Game

Some of us experienced the EA Games: FIFA 14 in our finger tips since most of the time we use tablets, smartphones or any touch screen devices. Since FIFA 15 game is not yet released on the market. FIFA 14 is already playable and can be downloaded in the Play Store or App Store. Now you can play FIFA 14 while you are on the go. Since the FIFA 15 game control system preview is not yet released on the web, let’s see what we can say about FIFA 14 on your Apple Devices or Android Device.

game poster of fifa 15 game

FIFA 15 Game on Hand Held Game Consoles.

EA Games already announces that FIFA 15 game is available to play on hand held game consoles; Play Station VITA (PS VITA) and Nintendo 3DS. The game control system for these game consoles are not yet released but have you ever wonder if FIFA 15 would be available for android/smart phone devices or Apple devices once the game is released? Well this idea may be possible since the previous series; FIFA 14 already made it out from the android and app store market.

Kick and Score a Goal for FIFA 15 Game Consoles

EA Games already released the news about the gaming consoles for FIFA 15. Play Station 3, Play Station 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The other consoles are hand held like Play Station VITA (PS VITA) and Nintendo 3DS. Since they haven’t announced yet if the game will be available on android or smartphones and apple devices, let us enjoy the FIFA 15 game experience on the following consoles available. It’s about how you play; control the game and how convenient for you to play the game what really matters. Stay tuned for more updates for the upcoming release of FIFA 15.


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