One Step at a Time in Your FIFA 17 Development


It would make no sense at all if you play a game that is competitive in nature and you don’t want to get better. That or you don’t have the littlest semblance of getting good is total nonsense! What would make sense is that you admitting you are not good at a game and you want to be otherwise. That is the very first step, admitting that you are not good and there is work to do. In any game, for example FIFA 17, it is not rare for someone to be not good and dreams of being good. The very next step is either you research on how to get better or ask someone who knows how. It is not a bad thing to ask if what you want to achieve is good. And no, having many FIFA 17 Coins will not make you win instantly.



Reddit is a perfect place to ask other FIFA 17 players on how to improve and rack up some more victories. There’s someone in the FIFA Subreddit who asked the same question and I want to share an amazing reply to the post:

I have some tips for you that have shot me up to Div1 in three months (i started playing FUT january and just participated on my first WL).

All buttons correspond with xbox 1

Defending: Never defend with your center backs. Always use your center mids. Allow the AI to defend for your back line. I find that whenever i concede goals it is because i press RB and it switched me to my center back, and i try to make a standing tackle, miss, and they are in behind. Use your right analogue stick to change players and just stick to manually defending with your mids. Trust that your defense will make a tackle or intercept the ball.

In the midfield: Be very patient, you dont always have to play the ball forwards, stay relaxed and pass backwards when there are no options in the other direction. Also, hold the LT button when you dont have space to dribble. It will help you to maintain your position by causing your player to shield the ball. Usually the opponent will dive and you can slip past them or progress the ball forward through a pass. Just be patient

Offensive third: You always want to find a way in behind but never force it. It helps to have very pacey forwards. To finish, hold B for power then tap B again quickly to create a low driven shot. By doing this, your shot conversion rate should be much higher. Also, try to get down the wing, beat the first defender and sweat the ball across the six by triple tapping X. Which creates a hard on the ground cross for an easy finish.

Also, find a formation that suits you. I find 4-3-2-1 or 4-1-2-1-2(2) to be the best.

Fyi, you dont have to have a crazy expensive team to be good, but i fins it helps haha

Hope this is beneficial.

This one hits all the points and they all make sense. Well I am pretty sure this advice won’t work for everyone but it will be a good starting point to practice. Yes, more FUT coins will definitely help but will not assure victories. So, listen to this advice and find yourself racking some W’s!

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