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We all have problems when it comes to FIFA 17. Sometimes we come up short in terms of FIFA 17 coins. Sometimes we cannot create a team that will satisfy us. Or sometimes it is just that winning isn’t really attainable. Every FIFA 17 player has that one big problem when it comes to playing the game.

Like This

I encountered a post by Celine_John in the FIFA Subreddit having a problem about the game:

I’m having a very hard time finishing my chances, when i play Fifa 17. I’m also having a hard time getting into scoring oppertunites when i’m on my opponents final third. So it’s frustrating that i cant seem to finish my chances when i finally get through on goal…

I have tried several strikes. Recently i have tried Dybala, Higuain and Vieri with Hunter-cards, which makes their finishing close to 99, so that should be alright, right? I’m aware of which foot is their strongest. I use driven shots for the far corner when finishing. But I almost always send the shot wide or the keeper saves it.. Sometimes it just hits the post… And this is when i’m one on one with the GK…

It’s not like it have been like this forever.. I Played 60 games with Vieri and he scored 53 goals, but now i have played 95, and he has scored 57 goals. I havent changed formation or my approach when finishing. The shots just won’t go in…


Can you relate to Celine_John? Basing on his post, you can tell that he’s been playing quite a lot of FIFA 17. Even with the big amount of playing time, you can still say that he is no exception in encountering dilemmas in the game. What advice can you give this poor FIFA 17 player and fan? FUT Coins or not, everyone will bump into one of these problems. Let us know some good solutions to this kind of problem in the comments section!

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