Watch the Football Drama in FIFA 15 Trailer

FIFA 15 Trailer is out in the web. Football fanatics waited for this sequel of the game. FIFA 15 game developers already revealed the visual changes in the upcoming game FIFA 15. “FEEL THE GAME” the used tagline of the game. What does this tag line really means? Let’s know the story behind the trailer.

fifa 15 trailer feel the drama

FIFA 15 Trailer: Greatest Drama in the World

Football is the greatest drama in the world. You can feel the emotions on the player every time they score a goal but the crowd’s emotion is very different. You can feel their pure devotion on the team they favor. These emotions and reactions are the newly added feature in FIFA 15 trailer. As you watch the trailer in the web you’ll see and feel that the emotions of everyone in the game are real, just like in the real game. Now you can say that you can “FELL THE GAME” while you’re playing the game. These features are more interesting because the developers also improve the face expressions or the authenticity of the characters. The characters in the game are almost like the real person itself.


Featured Changes in FIFA 15 Trailer

In the FIFA 15 trailer, the game is almost like the real thing. Well that means it’s like you are in the game while you’re playing the game. The players move more realistic and even the small details in the football field are now clearly visible to players. These small details will definitely do big changes in the game, especially on the graphic appearance of the game because everything new in FIFA 15 game is very much awaited by the football fans and FIFA solid gamers. More changes, news and updates are coming up as the release date of FIFA 15 is getting close.

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